June 2015 firing photos

The first firing at the kiln in almost 2 years! The whole crew was stoked (pun intended) to fire some pots and get together again. We all agreed that the community around the kiln is just as important as the pots we retrieve from the flames and ash. Also, as we are "maturing" (i.e. getting older) the quality of food and drink at the firing has gone up exponentially! So this firing featured great eating, great times catching up with long-time friends and great pots. It doesn't get too much better than that.

This firing crew included: Jay, Alison, Nick & Peter Widmer, Deb Sether, Ted Ernst, Sandy Segna, Eric Moran, Pat & Joe Webber, Pat Berman, Rochelle Harper, Jeff Richards, Lynda & Bob Farmer and Aaron Reize.


AGAIN, a big "THANK YOU¨" to Ted Ernst for providing the photos.

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prefire pots
pre-load of kiln
shelf stack
pre-fire kiln stacks
front step
front step
start of firing
starting up the fire
Lynda resting
Lynda in an unusual position
what drives the firing!
Alec, Eric, Sandy
strategy session
stoke crew
stoking crew
big flames!
big flames
front step - unloading
front step at unloading
kiln stack of pots
unloading pots
empty kiln bag wall
unloading - bag wall
Will, Pat, Joe & Jay Widmer
inspecting the work
reviewing the pots
Alison Widmer
Pat Berman and Susan Pachuta
Pat and Susan
panorama view of studio, cabin and anagama kiln
view of studio, kiln, cabin
kiln unloaded
all the pots unloaded
firing crew thumbs up
the firing crew
what a great crew!
the firing crew








the firing crew
the firing crew
.overview of pots
view of studio, cabin, Jay Widmer's anagama kiln
Pat Berman and Susan Pachuta
Richard Rowland looking at Pat's piece
Will, Pat, Joe and Jay unloading
the much discussed bag wall
back row of pots
stacks of pots in the kiln
front step pots post firing
big flames out the flue
the stoke crew
Eric and Sandy strategizing
.art shot of wheelbarrow
Lynda resting in hammock
starting the fire on thursday night
loading the kiln
stacking the shelves in Jay Widmer's anagama kiln
pots ready for loading in the anagama kiln