April 2007 - firing photos

this firing was noted for:

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load pots loading the kiln laoding the kiln kiln prep
Joe & Jeff starting the fire splitting wood closing the door
feeding frenzy nick at side stoke stoking the kiln pat & Ted
pat berman front stoking sandy capping the flue jay cooling the front reviewing pots
the pots reviewing the firing the pots reviewing the firing
the firing crew      



firing crew

reviewing the firing

reviewing the firing

the pots


reviewing the pots

jay cooling down thefront of the kiln


capping the flue

pat berman front stoking


.pat & ted

stoking the kiln



nick at side stoke

feeding frenzy



putting on the door

splitting wood


starting the fire


jeff & joe


loading the kiln



loading the kiln

.laoding he kiln
large pre fire potse.